Appendix 4: Common Manifestations of Self: Character Defects - Pride

This series of tables features the main character defects discussed in PTP Step 4, most concentratedly in chapters 13-16. Other defects will be treated in subsequent works on other Steps. Note that though envy and jealousy are emotions, they are included here because, in the AA understanding, they are invariably defective and, when habitual, function as defects of character. For a corresponding table of emotions and the defects of character that render them defective, see Appendix 3 on this site. The tables are intended to help us take inventory using the guides to Inventory Type and/or B. For a post on pride on this website, please click on link.



A distorted concern for self-importance that manifests itself in a variety of forms, including arrogance, conceit, domination, grandiosity, haughtiness, hyper-autonomy, impertinence, presumptuousness, pretentiousness, self-righteousness, snobbery, vanity, and willfulness

Terms &

Affectation, airs, arrogance, autocratic, bluster, boasting, bombast, bossy, braggadocio, bragging, cocky, conceit, conceited, contemptuous, defiance, disdainful, domineering, ego, egocentric, egoism, egomaniac, egotism, egotistical, ego trip, full of hot air, gall, grandiose, haughty, high-handed, know-it-all, hubris, immodest, imperious, insolent, lordly, loudmouth, megalomaniac, narcissistic, on an ego trip, overconfident, ostentatious, overbearing, overweening, peremptory, pompous, pretentious, prideful, proud, proudful, puffed-up, presumptuous, scornful, self-absorbed, self-admiration, self-centered, self-exaltation, self-glorification, self-importance, selfish, self-righteousness, self-satisfied, self-seeking, self-sufficient, self-worship, show off, smart-aleck, smug, snobbish, snooty, snotty, stuck up, superiority, supercilious, swagger, swelled head, uppity, vain, vainglory, vaunting


Acceptance, compassion, forgiveness, gratitude, humility, justice, kindness, patience, peacefulness, temperance, tolerance

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