Appendix 4: Common Manifestations of Self: Character Defects - Narrow-mindedness

This is one in a series of tables featuring the main character defects discussed in PTP Step 4. For accompanying tables of defective emotions, see Appendix 3 on this site. The tables are intended to help us take inventory using the guides to Inventory Type A and/or B. For a post on narrow-mindedness on this website, please click on link.



A disposition not to be open or receptive to that which is new, unfamiliar, or different or which has not  already been accepted or understood. 

Terms &

Biased, close-minded, doctrinaire, dogmatic, hidebound, inflexible, insular, myopic, one-sided, narrow, parochial, partial, partisan, petty, prejudiced, provincial, puritanical, rigid, sectarian, short-sighted small-minded, stereotype


Open-mindedness, humility

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