Audios & Videos

Audios & Videos currently features nine playlists on the Practice These Principles YouTube Channel. 

"Big Book Audios" presents audios of the 4th Edition of Alcoholics Anonymous, chapter by chapter, plus the 10 personal stories under Part I: Pioneers of A.A. Material is annotated and cross-referenced to Q&A and other website features.

"12&12 Audios” presents audios of the complete Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, introduced with a brief outline of the principles in each one of them. 

“AA History and Big Book Authors” presents talks by key figures in AA history, including supporters, AA pioneers, and later AAs whose personal stories appear in various editions of the Big Book. Material is annotated and cross-referenced to Q&A and other website features.

"The 12 Steps and Their Principles” presents talks by AA members on the 12 Steps and the principles therein. 

“Recovery Related Audios & Videos” presents talks about AA history, the 12 Steps and their principles, and recovery from alcoholism by non-AA members or AA members not speaking as such. 

“Experience, Strength & Hope” presents personal stories of AA members not appearing in any of the editions of the Big Book that  may be particularly interesting, funny, inspiring, or instructive. 

“Character, Defect, & Virtue” presents talks, lectures, papers, seminars, and other material of a substantive nature designed to deepen our understanding of the concept of character, the defects we examine in the inventory process, and the virtues we seek to practice and replace them with. 

God As We Understood Him” presents  intellectually substantive talks, discussions and debates  related to the various understandings of God found in the Big Book and the 12 &12. They are intended to deepen those understandings and foster our spiritual growth, not to proselytize or promote a particular religion. 

“The Language of the Heart” features musical performances and poetry readings that may serve to inspire reflection or meditation and thus to foster spiritual growth. 

Six additional playlists feature text-to-speech audios of articles written for the following post series: “Spiritual Awakening,” “Character Defects,” “Emotional Sobriety,” Practice & Habit,” “Practice These,” and “Reflections.” These lists will be populated over time. They can be accessed by clicking on links below  and on the audio links provided on the posts.

Please note that, as elsewhere on this site, presentation of material here does not imply wholesale endorsement of content.