A Word About the Second Edition of PTP123

PTP123 Front Cover

The second edition of PTP123, published July 25, 2022, is a revised and slightly expanded version of the first, published February 13, 2012. 

The main revisions were to chapters 1 (section “The Disciplines,” discussion of surrender), 4 (sections “Three Pertinent Ideas” and “The Atheist”), and 7 (section “Turning It Over” and discussion of serenity, acceptance, courage, wisdom). The index was also greatly expanded, making it easier to zero in on specific subjects for those who do research or are serious students of the book.

In addition, the book was purged of the many unfortunate mechanical and related errors that plagued the first edition, when we had no experience with book writing or publishing.  

We also changed publishers and issued the book with Amazon. This makes the paperback version more widely available and allows for a hardcover version, which will come out in August.  

Format-wise, we were able to use PTP4 as a template for PTP123, making for a more seamless transition from one book to the other. 

We trust these changes will make the new book a better tool for recovery.   

We will adjust the book's excerpts on this site in the near term.