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Living the Spiritual Disciplines and Virtues in 12-Step Recovery


Welcome to the website of the book Practice These Principles.

Much has been written about working the Steps and staying sober; little about practicing their principles and living sober. Our book and site hope to help remedy that. Both are focused on exploring the wealth  of wisdom in that memorable phrase that concludes the  Twelve Steps: "practice these principles in all our affairs."

Though generally glossed over and misunderstood, those seven words are crucial. They mark the path that leads beyond not drinking toward achieving the three key goals of recovery in AA. These are spiritual growth, character development, and emotional sobriety. They are what will bring us the freedom and the joy of living that the program promises us.

If these goals have meaning for you and you are interested in how 12-Step recovery might help you work toward them, then you may wish to join us in this exploration, whether you are in AA, in another fellowship, have a religious affiliation, or have no affiliation at all.

This site will introduce you to the book and through a variety of features seek to widen and deepen our understanding and practice of the principles as they relate to our individual, everyday lives.

We hope that you will find the book and the site useful in your journey of recovery. This is a work in progress. Further volumes are planned discussing the remainder of the 12 Steps as well as the 12 Traditions.  

Minor posts to this site are added weekly; major posts monthly. Also, new material is added without notice to existing posts as additional helpful resources are found: quotes, meditations, books or chapters thereof, movies, videos and audios, and more.

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Note: 05/31/21: Publication of Practice These Principles volume 2 has been moved up to June. Exact date will be announced here when we have it, together with detailed information about the book.

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Now Reading: Philosophers: Their Lives and Works, various editors.

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