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AA History & Big Book Authors

 Wynn L. — Freedom from Bondage

“Wynn L. – Freedom from Bondage.” Wynn L. is the author of “Freedom from Bondage,“ in the Personal Stories section of the Big Book, 4th Edition. Born in Florida, deserted by her parents and raised in poverty by grandparents in the Midwest (where she almost died of typhoid fever), Wynn L. married and divorced four times before coming to AA in 1947, at the age of 33. A long-time agnostic, she found faith through service, helping to start more than 80 AA groups in hospitals, jails, and prisons in southern California. Her story, written when she was 8 years sober, was first published in the second edition of the Big Book. This talk is from 1973, when Wynn had 25 years of sobriety (48:29). For more on Wynn, see “Freedom from Bondage” on this site, in “Big Book Q&A, Personal Stories” p. 544. See also her biography in [Images: Wynn L. through the years.]

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