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Reviews are of recovery and other books in related areas, including self-help, psychology, philosophy, religion, and spirituality. They are posted on Amazon and Goodreads. Clicking on the icons above leads to the reviews on those sites. Clicking on the review links below leads to the review on this site. Only substantive reviews are posted here. Minor comments on and ratings of a larger number of books can be found on PTP's Goodreads page. We only review books we find helpful and to which we can give a minimum rating of three stars (3 stars=good, 4 stars=very good, 5 stars= excellent).

[Image: Bill W. at his desk at Wit's End, his studio at Stepping Stones.]

Powerless Over Alcohol: An Objection and a Response

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 The Little Black Book

 The Recovery Bible: A Convenient Anthology

 Practice What You Preach 


 The Emotional Brain: Character, Personality, and Temperament

 A Tale of Two Cities: Akron, NY, and “The Book That Started It All”

Of Mice and Men: The Power of Habit and AA

The Power of Habit and AA: Big Book Move Over

Intellectual Virtues in Recovery