Practice These Principles
Living the Spiritual Disciplines and Virtues in 12-Step Recovery

PTP Social Media

The purpose of this Social Media page is to highlight selected quotes from the website as shared in their illustrated forms in PTP’s social media pages. The reasons are threefold.

One is to make it possible for the reader to review on a regular basis some of the quotes which accompany and reinforce our discussion of key aspects of the AA program, its 12 Steps, and their principles.

A second is to do this in the visually more appealing ways which are possible in social media platforms, rendering the quotes more memorable and easier to share.

A third is to enable readers to interact with and benefit from the book’s social media pages.

Some of the PTP content shared in those pages is not available in the website. For instance, the PTP Pinterest page has started boards related to recovery in four languages besides English (translations provided): French, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish (we hope to add a German board at some point). Its Facebook page also translates some English content into these languages. This allows us to reach communities which live recovery in these languages around the world. English speakers interested in learning or improving their knowledge of these languages may also find the pages useful. 

Both social media pages also reproduce the best of “Carry This Message,” quotes which appear once a week in the website’s Welcome Page and are never again seen on the site. In addition, the Pinterest page shares useful illustrated quotes from other sites which may not appear here. These encompass topics like “Reading & Recovery,” intended to inspire more reading among those in recovery, and “Writing & Recovery,” meant to encourage those who write or would like to write about the subject. 

In 2020 we hope to expand to other social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

Though not as easy as in our website, we nevertheless do our best to practice in our social media pages the principle of anonymity found in Traditions Eleven and Twelve.

Please note that some of the save buttons  may not work for some images. Still, the image can be downloaded and then uploaded to the desired social site or other destination.

To go to a social media page, please click on its link.