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Pass It On

Win a Free Copy of Practice These Principles and Pass It On

Have you read Practice These Principles and found it helpful? Do you think it might be of help to others?

If so, we would encourage you to “pass it on” by writing a short review and posting it on Amazon. To thank you, we will send you a free copy of the book that you can pass on to your sponsor, sponsee, or some other friend in recovery, perhaps as an anniversary gift. 

The review can be very brief. A single paragraph of three or four sentences would suffice (though you are welcome to write more). All you need to do is rate the book with 4 (“I like it”) or 5 (“I love it”) stars, and say, as simply and as sincerely as you can, what you liked about it and how it helped you.  

Posting the review is simple. Click on Amazon, scroll down to “Write a customer review,” click on it, and follow the instructions. You need an account to do this, but if you bought the book from Amazon, you already have one; if not, you can easily open one (anonymously or with a pseudonym if you wish). 

Once the review has posted, you can notify Ray through this site so that he can confirm it and send you your book.

For questions, please email Ray via this site.

Below are a few more ideas of how you can help others learn about the book:

  1. Share the book’s Amazon page via email, Facebook, or Twitter, or pin it on Pinterest by clicking on the appropriate icon on the upper right-hand corner of the page
  2. Read some of the reviews on the book's Amazon page and click “Yes” to “Was this review helpful to you” if you found them to be so
  3. Share posts you like from the PTP website on Facebook and other social media using the icons at the top of the post's page
  4. "Like" PTP’s Facebook page; "like" and share individual posts or other items there
  5. Follow PTP on Google+ and share posts you like
  6. Follow PTP on Goodreads and "like" a blog, book review, or some other item on that page; add the book “to read,” “currently reading,” or “read,” and when you have read it, give it a star rating and comment on it (post your amazon review if you have written one)
  7. Read one of Ray’s book reviews on his Amazon Reviewer Page and click “Yes” to “Was this review helpful to you” if you found it to be so

Thanks for helping to carry the message.