Practice These Principles
Living the Spiritual Disciplines and Virtues in 12-Step Recovery

Note to Readers (07/31/21)

Following the publication of PTP4, readers have emailed me asking whether I plan to write on the other Steps. This may be in part because I had at first announced that the second volume would be on Steps 4 through 7. That was my original intention. However, the more I wrote on Step 4, the more I realized that it deserved a book of its own. The reasons for this are discussed in the book itself.

The experience has led me to conclude that it’s best for each Step to have its own book. That will make each more manageable to write and to read. In addition, readers won’t have to wait so long for the next one.

I’m fairly certain the remaining books will be shorter than PTP4, some probably considerably so. But I won’t know that till I write them. I’ll take it one Step and one book at a time. If it turns out after I’ve published them that the books on Steps 5, 6, and 7 each are short enough to be combined into a single volume of reasonable length, I may very well consider doing that later on. We'll see. As for the Traditions and the rooms, I still hope they will take a single volume.

Readers have also asked how soon the Kindle version of PTP4 will be out. My plan is to publish it within 90 days after the paperback.

I would also like readers to know that the PTP website is being updated and will move in the near future to a technologically advanced platform more mobile and search engine friendly. The name and URL will remain the same. However, when the site first goes live, it will probably not be complete. It will take a while to reproduce the entire contents of the present site on the new platform. Then it will grow from there.

Finally, if you have already started reading PTP4, you will, unfortunately, come across some mechanical (spelling, punctuation, capitalization, etc.) and related that escaped my attention. Rest assured that these are being corrected. They won't appear in printings starting the second half of August (I'll announce the exact date here). Meanwhile, kindly overlook them. Thank you. (Note: The errors were corrected as of August 26, 2021.)