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   Jay S. – AA History (Part 2): Oxford Group Origins and Connection to AA


This is the second of a three-part series on the early history of AA, starting with its genesis in the Oxford Group. Here Jay S. focuses on OG founder Frank Buchman, the events leading to the spiritual experience which inspired him to start the Group, his first success with an alcoholic, and the sobering up of the Akron drunk which brought the Group to that city. Attending its first meeting were Dr. Bob and the two individuals who would eventually link him up with Bill W.: the Rev. Walter F. Tunks and Henrietta Seiberling. Note: given the nature of the topic, there’s a lot of religious talk here. Nevertheless, this is part of our history, and the message is one AA adopted: that the practice of spiritual principles can get us sober and change our lives for the better. For more on this early history, see Jay S. Part 1, the Rowland H., Sam Shoemaker, and Richard Walker videos and, in Reflections, “AA and the Oxford Group,” together with the resources listed therein. (Duration: 1:10:40)

[Video Thumbnail Image: T. Henry and Clarace Williams, in whose home Dr. Bob and early founding members of AA attended Oxford Group meetings. In one of many "coincidences," T. Henry worked for the rubber company involved in the proxy fight which brought Bill W. to Akron.]

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