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AA History & Big Book Authors

         Jay S. – AA History (Part 1): 12-Step Origins and The Big Book

This is the first of a three-part series on the early history of AA, starting with its genesis in the Oxford Group. Here Jay S. concentrates on showing how the OG influenced the 12 Steps. He does this very concretely by drawing on the experience Bill W. and other alcoholics had in the Group, quoting OG members and literature and showing how some of their key ideas and even some of the language they used are later echoed in the 12 Steps and the Big Book. For more on this early history, see Jay S. Part 1, the Rowland H., Sam Shoemaker, and Richard Walker videos and, in Reflections, “AA and the Oxford Group,” together with the resources listed therein. Duration: 1:19:00.

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