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From Our Readers

Finding a Post, Borrowing the Book

Scott S. of Lincoln, Nebraska, recently wrote about two issues that are worth bringing to the attention of readers.

One has to do with navigating the PTP website. Scott had come upon it after googling “keep it simple” and clicking on a link to “The Virtue of Simplicity.” However, the link took him, not to that page, but to the Welcome Page. Looking at the sidebar menu, it was not obvious where he had to click, so he couldn’t locate the post.

If you’ve had a similar problem finding an item, please do let me know, as Scott did. It will help me to review the matter and see what I can do to improve things. Meanwhile, if you can’t find a post, you may want to check the Site Map, where you’ll find links to most of them.

The other issue Scott mentioned has to do with borrowing the book from the library. When he couldn’t find it in his local branch, he put in a request for it. As a result, the branch not only ordered copies for itself, but for other branches as well.

As I told Scott, helping the library provide this service was, from an AA perspective, a way of him doing service and helping to carry the message. Anyone of us can do this. I have done it with my own library (in my case I donated copies). Addiction being what it is in most communities, most libraries will be glad to carry the book. 
My thanks to Scott and to you for your interest in the book and this site.

[Image: View of my home town’s original library, built in 1915 by Andrew Carnegie. I’ve written parts of PTP2 in one of its cubbyholes. A 100-Anniversary print hangs by the side of my own personal library, courtesy of my daughter and my son-in-law, both in long-term recovery.]