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                                       Ebby T. – Memphis, TN, 1958

“Ebby T. Speaks in Memphis, TN, 1958.” With four years sober at the time of this talk, Ebby narrates the drunken odyssey that took him from Albany to Vermont, NYC, and Dallas. He would relapse again. The man who brought the message to Bill W is also the man who couldn’t stay sober himself. After 32 years on and off the wagon, in and out of AA, Ebby would die at a recovery farm with two years dry. Those who follow in Ebby's footsteps may find in his story the lessons which may help them stay sober for good. But that will require going beyond Ebby’s own telling of that story [50:57]. Toward that end, here are some links that may help: Ebby and Ebby T. See also Ebby: The Man Who Sponsored Bill W., by Mel B. [Images: Ebby; Bill and Ebby; Bill with Margaret and Mickey McPike at their Ballston Spa, NY farm where Ebby died; cover of Mel  B.'s Ebby biography.]

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