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Dr. Bob's Nightmare

This is an audio version of Dr. Bob’s story in the Big Book. We’re making it available here because, unlike the case with Bill W., audios about or by the other co-founder of AA are very hard to come by. Dr. Bob recounts how he spent 2 ½ years in the Oxford Group but could not stop drinking. He read everything he could about alcoholism and talked to anyone he thought knew anything about it, but that didn’t help either. What finally worked was talking to another alcoholic, namely Bill W. Even so, Dr. Bob tells us that he continued to have the urge to drink for more than two years after he got sober. Still, he acknowledges he stayed sober, not by his own power, but by the power of God working in his life (22:17 min.). See “Dr. Bob’s Nightmare,” in “Big Book Q&A,” Personal Stories, 4th Edition, Part I: Pioneers of AA.

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