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Bill W. - Spiritual Experience


“Bill W. on the X Factor in Recovery: Spiritual Experience and the Grace of God.” The X Factor is what Dr. Foster Kennedy (BB’s “The Medical View on A.A.,” p. 569) said his friends in science called what to them was an unknown force at work in the recovery of alcoholics. Bill W. (and the BB and 12&12) identify it as the grace of God. That's what makes possible the spiritual experience that restores us to sanity. Bill addresses the question: If grace is available in religion, why has religion failed the alcoholic? Using a well-known metaphor, he explains that AA plants the seed and God makes it grow. But for it to grow, the seed needs the proper climate, soil, and light. That’s the environment Jung counselled Rowland H. to plant himself in, and that’s what, through Ebby's and Bill's own experience in the Oxford Group, AA learned to provide. Hence its emphasis on “a faith that works.” Talk given in 1966 (42:14). Images (clockwise): Dr. Jung, Rowland H., Ebby T.,
Bill W.

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