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Bill W. - Fourth International AA Convention

Bill W.’s address to Fourth International AA Convention, 1965, Toronto. On the 30th anniversary of its founding, Bill retells AA’s story to the convention, whose theme is “I am Responsible.” Narrative arc goes from Carl Jung, Rowland H., Ebby T. and the Oxford Group to Dr. Silkworth, Towns Hospital, his spiritual experience, William James, and Sam Shoemaker; from his “missionary” failure in NYC to the Mayflower Hotel, the Rev. Tung, Henrietta Seiberling, Dr. Bob, “The Man on the Bed,” and the founding of the Akron group; from the founding of the NY and Cleveland groups to the publishing of the Big Book (45:26). See “Big Book Q&A,” Personal Stories Section, “Bill’s Story,” “Dr. Bob’s Nightmare,” and “Alcoholics Anonymous Number Three,” on this site. See also brief excerpts on the Toronto convention from Grateful to Have Been There, by Nell Wing, Bill W.’s secretary, by clicking on link.

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