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Living the Spiritual Disciplines and Virtues in 12-Step Recovery

Audios & Videos 

"Audios & Videos" is divided into four sections.

“AA History and Big Book Authors” presents talks by AA pioneers and later AAs whose personal stories appear in the various editions of the Big Book. Where applicable, these videos are indexed to those stories in “Big Book Q&A,” on this site. You may also wish to consult this site's "AA History Timeline." Links may also be provided to other sites where further biographical information may be found.

“The 12 Steps and Their Principles” presents talks by AA members on the 12 Steps and the principles therein.

“Recovery Related Audios & Videos” presents talks about AA history, the 12 Steps and their principles, and recovery from alcoholism by non-AA members or AA members not speaking as such. 

“The Language of the Heart” presents music videos of an inspirational nature of relevance to recovery and spiritual growth. We in recovery deal mostly in the propositional language of thought, reason, and analysis, or the language of narration and storytelling. That sometimes doesn't reach to the core of who we are. Hence our attempt in this section to speak a different language. 

Please note that, as elsewhere on this site, presentation of material here does not imply endorsement of content.

Links to "AA History and Big Book Authors" are presented on this page. For other pages, please click on their link.

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AA History & Big Book Authors

Ruth H.
AA's First Secretary

An Evening with Bill W.
The Original Performance


Jay S. - AA History (Part 2)
Oxford Group Origins & AA

Jay S. - AA History (Part 1)
12-Step Origins & Big Book

Rowland H.
AA History

John P.
"Professor and the Paradox"

Wynn L.
"Freedom from Bondage"

Lyle P.

Archie T.
"The Man Who Mastered Fear"

Ebby T.
Memphis, TN, 1958

Sister Ignatia
The Angel Of A.A.

Sam Shoemaker
1960 AA Convention

Dr. Bob
His Last Major Talk

Dr. Bob's Nightmare
His Big Book Story

The Wilson House
Birthplace of Bill W.

A Day at Dr. Bob's
A Visit to His Home

Clarence Snyder
Came to Believe

Bill W.
Spiritual Experience

An Evening with Bill W.

Bill D.
AA Number Three

Bill W.
Fourth International AA

Dr. Paul O.
Love and Tolerance

Dr. Earle M.
Physician Heal Thyself

Marty M.
Women Suffer Too

Jim B.
A.A. Pioneer

Ebby Thatcher
San Jose, CA 3-4-61

Alcoholics Anonymous
Historical Retrospective

Founders Day
Bill W. Meets Dr. Bob

Bill W.
A Documentary

Richard Walker
Twenty-Four Hours a Day