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                          Archie T. – "The Man Who Mastered Fear"

“Archie T. ‘The Man Who Mastered Fear,’ Speaking in 1948.” After drinking for 18 years, Archie T. found himself in the summer of 1938 jobless, penniless, and homeless. He was in poor health, had no hope left, and had lost all will to live. Taken to Akron by friends, he was helped to sobriety under the care of Dr. Bob at City Akron Hospital. Upon release, he stayed with Dr. Bob and his wife Anne for 10 months. There he met Bill W., with whom he travelled back to Detroit. After many false starts, he founded the Detroit group of AA with Mike S. and Sarah Klein, a non-drinking nun who helped to carry the AA message to alcoholics in hospitals and prisons. From Detroit AA spread to Youngstown and to Ontario, Canada. Archie wrote “The Fearful One” in the first edition of the Big Book, later changed to “The Man Who Mastered Fear.” (Duration 47:07) For more, see “The Man Who Mastered Fear” in “Big Book Q&A,” p.246. [Images: Archie T. and covers of “Liberty Magazine” and “Saturday Evening Post” editions carrying AA articles he mentions in his talk.]

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