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Appendix 3: Common Manifestations of Self: Defective Emotions - Fear

This is one in a series of tables featuring the main emotions discussed in PTP Step 4. For accompanying tables of character defects, see Appendix 4 on this site. The tables are intended to help us take inventory using the guides to Inventory Type A and/or B



Fear is the perception of an aversive possibility or threat to something we care about and a consequent desire to avoid it and its attendant consequences. See also anxiety.


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Related to perception of threat:
alarm, alert, augury, boding, caution, challenge, crisis, danger, difficulty, foreboding, hazard, intimidation, jeopardy, menace, omen, peril, portent, premonition, presage, presentiment, risk, specter, test, trial, trouble, ultimatum, vulnerability, warning

Related to feelings and emotions: Angst, anxiety, apprehension, apprehensiveness, avoidance, butterflies, cold feet, concern, consternation, cowardice, cravenness, creeps, dejection, diffidence, dread, edginess, fainthearted, flap, fright, gloom, gutlessness, horror, jitters, misgiving, mousiness, nervousness, panic, preoccupation, pusillanimity, qualm, queasiness, scare, suspicion, terror, threat, timidity, trepidation, unease, uneasiness, wariness, wimpiness, worry (and as a psychopathology, not a moral emotion, phobia)



Cowardice, j
ealousy, pride, suspiciousness

Courage, faith, gratitude, humility


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