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                         Personal Stories: "Our Southern Friend"

“Pioneer A.A., minister’s son, and southern farmer, he asked, “Who am I to say there is not God?” This is the story of Fitz M., AA number 3 in NYC. Fitz got sober in 1935 at Towns Hospital, where Bill W. and Hank P. had sobered up not long before him. A rebel, against his strict religious upbringing, he had lost his faith by the time he hit his alcoholic bottom. The story of his spiritual experience —“the experience of a man who thought he was an atheist”—is recounted in the Big Book in “We Agnostics,” pp. 55-56. After his change of heart, Fitz found himself at odds with Hank P., who had remained an atheist and who promoted a secular, psychological approach to the program of recovery which would eventually be outlined in the Big Book. Fitz’ approach was more in line with that of the Akron group led by Dr. Bob. For questions and answers about Fitz’ story, please see on this site "Big Book Q&A," Personal Stories: 4th Edition, “Our Southern Friend," p. 208. For photo of Fitz, please click on his name's link.

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