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                Personal Stories: The Keys of the Kingdom

“This worldly lady helped to develop A.A. in Chicago and thus passed her keys to many.” This is the story of Sylvia K., whose date of sobriety is 09/13/39 and was, with Earl T., a co-founder of AA in the windy city. When she arrived in Akron from Chicago, the men and their wives were not particularly welcoming of her, as they tended not to be of women alcoholics in general. They would usually be turned over to Anne, Dr. Bob’s wife. Sylvia was wealthy, and her personal assistant became the secretary of the first Intergroup office in the country. For Q&A about this story, please see on this site “Big Book Q&A, Personal Stories, Part I, Pioneers of AA, 4th Edition., The Keys to the Kingdom.” For photo of Sylvia, please click on her name.

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