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A Day at Dr. Bob's

“A Day at Dr. Bob’s.” Dr. Bob and the Good Oldtimers: A Visit to Akron, Ohio, July 29, 2008, by David G. New and memorable photos of Dr. Bob’s house and other AA historic sites in Akron: The Mayflower Hotel with the telephone and Church Directory which led to Bill W.’s meeting with Dr. Bob; Henrietta Seiberling’s Gatehouse where they first met; T. Henry and Clarace Williams home, where the early AA’s first held meetings as part of the Oxford Group; The King School, where they first met independently; St. Thomas Hospital, where Dr. Bob worked with Sister Ignatia on countless alcoholics; the hospital’s Chapel and Sr. Ignatia Heritage Center; and portraits of the early writers, including the titles of their stories in the Big Book. A short (9:29) but thoroughly enjoyable and instructive video. See on this site “Dr. Bob’s Nightmare,” in “Big Book Q&A,” Personal Stories, 4th Edition, Part I: Pioneers of AA.

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